The Bitter & Sick & DieAlones - The Prophet

Album finally out on October 7! Photo: Johan Lund
Gothenburg dark blues duo The Bitter & Sick & DieAlones just released this teaser track from their album The Prophet, due out on Oct 7. This is the title track and it presents more slick production, some wonderfully dense drumming and balanced vocal outbursts. The influences from Bruce Springsteen and Tom Waits are rather clear, but there is also a nice and delicate trait of Swedish indiepop going through the song. Christoffer's vocals have evolved greatly as well as Emanuel's drumming and The Quack finds itself listening to a potential international breakthrough act. We wrote about them already in 2011, just so you know, eh?

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Dreamy wonder from Stockholm
Stockholmer Mikko Singh, aka Haleiwa, is releasing a new album called Palm Trees Of The Subarctic, a long term project started on Cuba four years ago and now given a more scandinavian finish in Sweden. The first track to come out of it is this wonderful gem Wall of Blue Sky. When the Quack first heard the bell-like intro we thought this would be a difficult one to pull off without going into the realm of annoying beats and generic plug-in sounds which so much pesters the music of our time, but no no no, this turned out to be one of the very very best tracks to come out this year and should certainly be the complete awe of all Swedish indie bands. The song flies around in the sky which it depicts and never once strays from its perfect sense of glorious self. A true work of art.
We can't wait for this album to come out next thursday (24 September)!