Summer depressed crazy indie jukebox.

Summer is the best time of year, don't we all think so? But The Quack has put together some tracks for all of you who don't appreciate autotune beatbox rap-pop or listening to the 10012637124812th identical house-pop song to hit the summer airwaves. Here is a collection of songs to better suit the more developed person's range of emotions during the summer season.

Alvvays - Party Police

Toronto indie star newcomers from last year have this great mid-80s manchester sounding track about how people should have angstful sex in their bedrooms instead of getting drunk and showing off their fancy new clothes at social gatherings, or something along those lines. What a great message. And with a vocalist who sounds like something you will actually remember, a beautiful analog and compressed guitar sound mat, subtle little chord changes no one else adds to pop songs anymore, oh well it's just a damn good tune. And after that "I recognise that guitar riff from Joan Osborne's old God-song, but it's not the same, is it?"-feeling passes it's just wonderful.

Sufjan Stevens - All of Me Wants All of You

What's better than gay shame, eh? Sufjan does it again and again and again. In my world the case is closed now and really, who cares if there's a microscopic chance he might be straight when he delivers these incredible tunes. Every note in this song is perfect and blessed with love of music, emotions, life and death. The Quack can't wait to see mr Stevens play when he finally returns to Copenhagen in September.

Sean McCann - Sense of Life

If you are looking for sounds to purify you and utterly destroy that party-at-the-beach feeling, this is it. Los Angeles composer Sean McCann creates just the right mode for sitting alone watching the waves crash into the shore ready to destroy everything you love. Haunting and beautiful ambient/postrock/newclassical stuff.

Makthaverskan - Witness

Despite Canada's many claims for fame, if you want good old fashioned english indie then who does it better than us Gothenburg Swedes? Well clearly noone. This is perfect for a binge party on the cliffs at Röda Sten getting bitten to death by mosquitoes and letting the sweat from wearing black clothes all day long in the sun finally cool you off.

SALES - Big Sis

What are summers like in Florida, we wonder as we listen to this track from SALES. Laid-back and melancholic I suppose, with great reverb.

Jono McCleery - Age Of Self

For that end of the world feeling we recommend this retro singer/songwriter track from UK's Jono McCleery. Don't you just love being that person who ruins the party at the beach informing people it's their choice of unorganic potatoes which has ruined the ocean? Well, this is the soft version of that, with nice sweet chords and melodies to die for.

ARLT - Nue Comme La Main
We are not always on the beach crying or going home alone contemplating death. Sometimes there's room for that cultured red wine garden party. And what is better for that than french indie café music? ARLT from Paris delivers exactly what we need to piss off any house music fans at ANY party.

No Problem - Summertime

To round this off we return to Canada with this deadpan indie track from No Problem. Wonderful tape distortion and pretty much devoid of digital anything, this is how happy summer should be and no more.

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