Fav tracks of 2014

The Quack has been very busy with worldly things but will be trying to keep this blog alive in spite of the lack of posting. Therefor I've done a recap of The Quack's 10 favourite singles of 2014. Enjoy!
Here is a link to all the tracks on Spotify: Music Quack Best of 2014 Playlist

Hamilton Leithauser - 5 AM
The former singer from the Walkmen released a solo debut last year. This is the best song on the album, combining the melodramatic power we know from the band and adding some great retro cheese. Such a great tune...

Pretties for You - Talk
This Gothenburg band really stood out delivering neo-new-wavish rock-pop with highpowered vocals and excellent production.

EMA - Satellites
Erika M. Anderson does her best to become the US's new indie queen, pushing out genre-crossings, balancing on sonic edges of swords and managing to retain her integrity and cool while doing it.

Spoon - Do you
Sometimes I get the feeling that the only problem this band has is they want to prove they are the best band in their genre, country, perhaps the world. So much so that the jawdropping production and sound goes ahead of songwriting. That's why to me this song is so liberating in it's pop hook fantasticness.

Timbre Timbre - Hot Dreams
Ooh, how can we resist this new trend of Twin Peaks/Chris Isaac/Nick Cave vibes, or is it more another rebirth of the original influences from the 50s we are seeing? Perhaps it is, but somehow it makes sense to think of 1990 as the rest of the world is busy reinventing Wilson Philips, Garth Brooks and techno. You might need to log in to google to watch the video, because it's naughty.

Will Dailey - Castle of Pretending
Wonderfully retro and close to dated in a way, Will Dailey pumps out class A melodramatic rock-pop like it was the easiest thing in the world.

Thus Owls - Ropes
Long-time Music Quack favourites Thus Owls released the album Turning Rocks this year while also moving the band base to Montréal and becoming more of a duo with extra musicians. After seeing them play live last month, we do hope they make sure that drummer Stef Schneider gets a permanent place in the band. This song is btw one of their very best and can be listened to so many times while still revealing new angles of itself to the listener it's just amazing.

Foster the People - Coming of Age
Probably the biggest pop track on this list. The lure of this song is mainly in the insanely lush guitars and the cosy vocals, although it gets a minus point for that Beach Boys falsetto at the end which is really just another copy of that "WhoaOOOaOOOah" from Coldplay's Viva La Vida. Dear producers, please stop putting that into songs, thank you. :-)

Amber Run - Spark
This song is also very pop and yet it has some dynamic qualities that are becoming rare in this day and age when HAIM is considered to be "indie". HAHA. Well anyways, this is the UK at its best, and a great video too.

Sufjan Stevens - A Little Lost
Sufjan is still on another multiyear hiatus leaving us fanboys hugging our pillows in the dark restlessly craving for more. But suddenly it came; a sign of life via this cover of Artur Russel's song ensuring us that Soof is still in his prime and probably (HOPEFULLY!) is ready to spew three new albums out in 2015.

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