New single from Gus By Heart

Gothenburg's own Gus By Hearth is following up on his debut EP from 2012 with the album Ocean Spirit on October 8. The single - Belong - sounds like the perfect soundtrack for HBO's amazing and artistic series The Leftovers, with Justin Theroux contemplating his deteriorating existence and mental health while remembering how things used to be, on a staircase, half naked. If you haven't seen the show let's just say that it's mixed emotions of sadness, beauty and hope. Teaming up for a duet with Adna, this is another great, low key, melodious and subtly dramatic tune from Gus. The Quack is looking forward to this album!

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Amber Run

Our fav poprock track of 2014

The Music Quack has once again succumbed to some "mainstream indie rock", that self-contradictory genre which we love to hate, eh? And although Nottingham's Amber Run's other tracks have a nasty touch of rather dull radio rockpop, this one sure has a spark as well as the most awesome "YEEEAAAAAAH!!!" in recent years. Enjoy!

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Future 3

Danish electronica trio comeback.
This is the first single from danish band Future 3 in 13 years and the first track to come out of their new album With and Without, which is released on October 10. The Quack thinks it's lovely indeed. Check it out!

Future 3 on Spotify

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