Tom Odell

The horror of being the next big thing

Because The Quack is in Sweden we hadn't heard anything about Tom Odell until very recently. His very striking Arcade Fire inspired version of classic Meatloafy ballads struck us like a flamethrower and set the dull night on fire. What a song "Another Love" is! In homeland UK he got a Brit Award for this debut single which has led to a lot of hype and speculations of him being "The Next Big Thing". But when doing some research I discovered he had been lumped up with things like Mumford and Sons, Adele and Coldplay which in turn seems to have made the hype backfire into classic british music hate. Tom Odell is suddenly both a commercial product and "classically trained, whatever that means" and his looks are slagged off as "Chanel bangs". (Here's an example, don't miss the comments...) Basically, in Britain there is an old hate war going on where bands and artists will be slaughtered by music critics if they are assumed to be ever so "posh". For example Radiohead was slagged off for many years as an Oxford band of rich aristocratic pretentious idiots making american college music, whereas Oasis came from the working class and made raw, genuine rock'n'ro... Whatever. I mean seriously.

Anyways, if you read this blog often I suspect it's rather clear that The Music Quack is on the rich aristocratic pretentious idiot's side. It is sad when politics creep into music and make people blind to talent and quality. Normally though, I wouldn't post on a mainstream artist like Tom Odell, but seeing the stupid hate made me change my mind.

Debut full-length album Long Way Down is out on June 24.

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