New single from Sigur Rós is "No Seagull".

Out on April 23rd

Sigur Rós, the band of bands, will be releasing a brand new single called Ekki Múkk in April (April 23rd in Sweden). The release will be a vinyl 7". This might be the first we hear of their new, supposedly more ambient album, which features songs co-written by composer arranger Daníel Bjarnason.
Check out Daníel Bjarnason HERE.

Sigur Rós - Ekki múkk from Sigur Rós on Vimeo.

The song title Ekki Múkk means, according to google translate, "No Seagull", but in reality it is an expression meaning pretty much "not a peep"/"not a sound", as in "Don't say a bloody thing". The thought occurs that the title has been chosen deliberatly by the band so that they can mock journalists by saying "it means nothing at all" and watch the confusion unfold with endless nonsense about hopelandic, melting glaciers and inspiration of dramatic landscapes. Icelandic can often be confusing to translate. For instance with the 2005 track Glósóli, many people assumed it meant "Glowing sun" but in the end it turned out to mean "Glowing sole". Later in an interview Jónsi explained that it was about "someone with a glowing [soul]". The interviewer gasped before Jónsi added "Like the sole of a shoe"...

We will be back with more info on this for sure!

Edit: This release might be a special for Record Store Day, and may not be a song from the coming album. But what we know is that it's an official release from Capitol Records/EMI and that it will be out on April 23rd in all the Nordic countries.

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Unknown sa...

The only reason it would translate to "no seagull" is if I was put in as "ekki mukk" instead of "ekki múkk" the accent changes everything.

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