Hip Hatchet

Philippe Bronchtein is from supposed hipster mecca (there are so many these days) Portland, Oregon. Under the name Hip Hatchet he makes country-folk somewhere in the tradition of Kris Kristofferson and Johnny Cash but with a bit more modern but completely acoustic arrangements. I guess that is quite rare these days, to do "folk" without autotune, synths and/or a full guitar band and two drummers, but most of all, to rely on the tradition when it comes to the actual vocals and not sliding out into a medley of soul and Phil Collins. Hip Hatchet gets away with being this slight anacronism probably due to talent; some truly great guitar-arrangements and innovative songwriting underneath all the folk business. What makes the Quack melt entirely is the backing band of clarinet, horn and down-mixed strings, always keeping the guitar at the front, for instance on the track Wild Plants on last years LP Men Who Share My Name:

If we compare him to our Swedish folk hero Tallest Man On Earth (which I know is unfare to both of them) I guess one could say that this is folk which doesn't need the scream to make its point. Anyways, the first track posted above, Sing Me A Reprise, is the teaser from the coming album Joy And Better Days which will be well worth checking out.

Spotify Link to Men Who Share My Name
All albums on Bandcamp (with lyrics)

I discovered Hip Hatchet via the blog We Listen For You.

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