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Sounds of Gothenburg

Gothenburg is buzzing! In the near future singer Gustav Svedung is releasing his debut EP Rather Be Singing Than Thinking from solo project Gus By Heart, and he has given us a teaser with the song Hideous Sounds. This is a rather startling change for Gus, previously known as the singer in the alt-rock band My Closest Friend. With a heavy, reverbed piano at the core, guitar, wonderfully mixed drums and some cymbals played with a violin bow Svedung catapults into the air with his endearing and well-phrased vocals. The three-part song floats, rests, contemplates, does all kinds of things in the most wonderful way. We are looking forward to this EP and hopefully more in the future.

We will get back to you with release dates, spotifylinks and so on. For now, listen to this wonderful song!

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