Three fine examples of great songwriting

The Quack has been very busy with worldly matters, but I take the time to share three songs which have had me obsessed lately. Not brand new, but we don't care about that on this blog.

Emiliana Torrini
Emiliana Torrini - Gun

The best songswriting isn't necessarily all too complicated. This track by Emiliana Torrini rests on the same chord for almost the whole song, taking its power from rhythm and a constant harmonic tension. I guess this makes her able to project a kind of still image, an emotional drama that you are caught in without means of escape.
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Chloe Makes Music
photo: Danila Parra
Chloe Makes Music - Apollo & Daphne

San Francisco's Chloe Roth makes soft folk in the tradition of Simon&Garfunkel and Crosby Stills & Nash. This song is my favourite. When it lifts towards the end and when the climax startlingly lets go, that is great songwriting hand in hand with great arrangement for sure.
Link to the whole album at Bandcamp.

Sufjan Stevens

There are so many of Sufjan's songs which fall under "great songwriting" but I chose this one because it's so wonderfully subtle and has its very own personality. The melodies move across the chords and the guitar hooks like magic. It's a song about love, so much better so that our only possible reaction to it is, well, love.
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