Only yesterday I was talking about Skriet but there is no point waiting, we need to talk about another band with the same singer, called Pascal. Isak Sundström is one of the vocalists and guitarist in this garagerock band from Gotland, Sweden. The other vocalist is bass player Manuela De Gouveia and with drummer Mimmi Skog they make trashy loud rock with over-distorted guitar and cheap amp-reverb. Somewhat similar to The Cramps and some Jesus and Mary Chain, although with lots more energy and with an unmistakable Swedish punk attitude. For instance the lyrics to "Min enda vän" translate as:
"My only friend is Elvis, Nobody else deserves me, I'm gonna die on a toilet, with Elvis".
Wonderful stuff. Keep that piece of poetry in mind when watching this video.

Pascal, like Skriet seem to be blissfully unaware of soundcloud, so I can't post anything from their latest album. I can however give you some Spotify links, which I advise you to follow, or you might end up listening to the god awful greek "keyboard" artist Pascal. Almost ruined the Quack's day. Luckily, Pascal (SWE) is the kind of band which holds the power to completely annihilate all memories of crap music from your brain.

Spotify Links:
Orkanen närmar sig (2010)
Galgberget (2008)
Förbi fabriken (2006)

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