New artists to watch out for in 2012

tall tall tales (song sketch) by Heidi Harris
Here we have an experimental folk artist blending jazz, flamenco with art indie and the result is as simple as it is complex; a great musician jamming in a room and creating something that is just beautiful.
Click here for all of her songs on soundcloud.

THE MAD PRIDE (Australia)
Malice by The Mad Pride
Rowan Galagher from Wollongong writes haunting, atmospheric and dark music in his apartment. Musical influences can be heard from David Bowie, Erik Satie and perhaps some classic Sisters of Mercy, but really none of those names can define him. Check The Mad Pride out!
Click here for all of his songs on Soundcloud.

Thoughts On Us 23-3 by Joakim Fritzner
Sweden is currently somewhat flooded with "americana artists", but this guy stands out in my opinion. An EP as a split vinyl album will be released in January 2012.
Facebook page (split, just as the vinyl...)

UDO BRIQUETTE (UK) Wrong by Udo Briquette
This UK artist, I know literally NOTHING about him, creates mangled, fucked up music somewhere in the industrial spectra. Trying to explain what it sounds like (Fad Gadget+Meat Beat Manifesto+Throbbing Gristle) is probably meaningless to alot of readers. Just press play!
Click here for all of Udo's tracks on Soundcloud

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