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One more to look out for in 2012
Finn Loxbo - Vi kom från jorden by Kning Disk

Gothenburg solo artist Finn Loxbo is releasing his debut album Lines, Curtains on February 27 via brilliant label Kning Disk. The label is known to try and bridge the gap between art music and mainstream "indie" with artists like Anna von Hausswolff and Peter Broderick. Finn Loxbo comes from the bubbling Gothenburg dirt-folk underground scene as well as the guitar art music scene and has been developing a sound for several years and switching between Swedish and English lyrics. On the two teaser tracks released today we hear the native tongue side of him, with the piano song Vi Kom Från Jorden reciting part of an existentialist post-apocalyptic poem by Swedish 20th century author Harry Martinsson. The Quack managed to dig up the passage translated to English so that you can get a glimpse of the wonder.
We came from Earth, from Dorisland
the jewel in our solar system,
the only orb where life obtained
a land of milk and honey.
Describe the landscapes found back there,
the days those dawns could breed.
Describe the creature fine and fair
who sewed the shrouds for his own seed
till God and Satan hand in hand
through a deranged and poisoned land
took flight uphill and down
from a man: a king with ashen crown.
(From Aniara, translation by Stephen Klass and Leif Sjöberg)

The second track on the teaser is a darker affair in the Tom Waits/Nick Cave area of music. Here we hear Finn on his main instrument, the guitar. The album is mixed by an Uppsala hip-hop DJ, somewhat surprising one might think. But perhaps that is why the production is void of the over-soft qualities of 90s café background music which too often burdens Swedish singer-songwriters. Just a guess. We will be awaiting the end of February with impatience.

Finn Loxbo - Regnet by Kning Disk

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