Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Another kiwi flipping out - and we love it
Jello and Juggernauts - Unknown Mortal Orchestra

This band presses alot of the trendy buttons all at once, but do so in their own unique way. And listen to that bass sound... Unknown Mortal Orchestra are based in Portland, Oregon and sport New Zealander Ruban Nielson on guitar, formerly of The Mint Chicks. After flipping out and ditching Auckland for the US, Ruban set up this band as an act of liberation from his plastic punk past. Gathering influences from brazilian music and early 70s funk what we get is an indie rock act using remarkably different chord progressions and melodies compared with their peers. Pressing these songs through what sounds like a vinyl player and a very lo fi drum setup and some gritty amplifiers, and voilà, there's that "I'm not quite sure what this is" feeling. The Quack loves that feeling. Below is the brand new and quite random video to the opening track on the self-titled album.

FFunny FFriends - Unknown Mortal Orchestra

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