The Rapture

Don't ever look back!

New York band The Rapture has released a new album this week called In The Grace of Your Love, an absolutely wonderful piece of music. Extreme retro-synths making me think of old Sparks records and the experimental period of early Human League, disco/soul beats and grooves and the occasional flirt with 80s wannabe-gospel pop, saxophone and all, quite alot of dirty neo-new wave... Add some occasional hipster ingredients à la Animal Collective's Beach Boys rip-offs, and some Jeff Buckleyish singing à la The Antlers. Shake mix and fuck it all up until you arrive at an unmistakable, rather gritty live sound. Paste around a solid skeleton of class A songs.

Check out the piano in the video below. I don't know if it's a sample, it's almost too good to be true.

Unofficial video for How Deep Is Your Love?

The Rapture's earlier albums were more of a blend between house music and post punk like Violent Femmes and perhaps Jane's Addiction, and the experimental style of the past may be missed by some fans. With the departure of a member they now sound almost like a new band. The Music Quack however prefers this melodious, more ethereal Rapture and we are throwing this album into the fierce battle in our minds for Best Album of 2011. Just listen to the opening track Sail Away and you'll know what it's all about...

The Rapture - Sail Away

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