Nicolai Dunger

Sweden's greatest singer-songwriter?
This Land by Nicolai Dunger

It's not the first time, but here's another Swedish artist who is rather well-known abroad that I hadn't heard of until today. Sometimes the Music Quack feels like a fail blog, but at least we are learning. Pressing play on this album I'm met with the sweetest songwriting and lovely country-folk singing, and a slight Rufus Wainwrightish vibrato. Nicolai Dunger has been around since 1991 after ditching a career in football. He has worked with Ebbot Lundberg, Will Oldham and Esbjörn Svensson Trio. His new album, out last week, is called Ballad of This Land and is quite the masterpiece. The result of a trip to Ireland, it has the acoustic guitar at the front, touches of brass, violin, accordion, female backing choir and the occasional piano. But the true centre is the voice. The singing catches you in whatever you are doing, so wonderful, so perfect. An album like this should be heard and played everywhere.

Wind and the mountain by Nicolai Dunger

Nicolai Dunger has been more experimental in the past, sniffing on jazz and trashy blues, and the song above is a new version of an old song which he recorded under the name "A Taste of Ra". I haven't found a link for that, but if you want a little example check out this Youtube link.

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