I Break Horses

Stockholmers set the internet on fire with new album
Photo: Sebastien Dehesdin Wired by I Break Horses

Maria Lindén from Stockholm is the main brain behind this debuting electro-shoegaze duo succesfully blending the old (my bloody vallentine, kraftwerk, ride) with the new (sigur rós, m83) and layering synths with guitars into heavily reverbed masses of sound, yet never covering up the melodic qualities, who are of an almost neo-classical style. I believe it's the influences from guitar music on a keyboard musician which makes this band stand out. At times it sounds a lot like shoegaze, and yet you quickly realise it's nothing like it. The album is the result of three years' work, including a failed studio recording trip to Poland. In the end the album was recorded at Maria Lindén's flat instead, which of course is both impressive and very 2011.

Cancer by I Break Horses

It's no real wonder so many blogs have gone crazy over I Break Horses. The album is quite simply one of the very best this year, without any weak tracks. It gives you this recurring feeling of wonder, not so much over how much reverb one can use on a recording, but over the chords; the seconds, the fourths, the fifths, the sevenths and so forth. Also the numerous melodic hooks hiding slightly under the production makes this the perfect pop-yet-not-pop record of the year.

I Break Horses - Hearts from Bella Union on Vimeo.

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