Big Deal

Debut album from indie guitar-pop minimalists
Big Deal - Lights Out from Mute Records

I might be exaggerating, but it seems these days a lot of music is somewhat overproduced. Perhaps it's the availability of all software plugins imaginable, or that bands just add stuff to create that "woah" effect which makes bloggers instantly share their songs for a quick fix from boredom. Anyways, been listening to lots of high valued new albums the past week not finding what I was looking for until I stumbled upon Big Deal's debut album Lights Out. It's guitar(s) and two voices, great production of that simple material and the good songwriting you notice. Forget about all that other stuff for an hour.

The band name seems to be another example of an indie act not wanting to be easily found through google. If you do an extensive search however, you find lots of babble about whether or not the band members, bla bla, sex, bla bla, age stuff. Sad, and I couldn't care less. So this will be a minimalistic blog post too. Indie, Sonic Youth, girl and boy, Broken Social Scene or is it the same influences, belle & sebastian maybe, who cares eh?

Oh, and don't skip listening to the track Locked Up above. Or the last track, Pi...

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