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The best you'll ever know - A.M.E

Anna Maria Engberg of Gothenburg, Sweden, has a long and broad background in the arts. Educated in acting, dance, eurhytmic music education and music performance, an experienced violinist, cellist, guitar player and backing singer, she is now launching the solo project A.M.E. Given her multi-instrumentalist tendencies I ask her what her main instrument is in practice.

- It's actually the violin, but I do most of my composing on the guitar, sometimes the piano. I've written songs since a very early age, but the oldest A.M.E. songs probably have about 6-7 year on them now. I made a demo already in 2004, but it wasn't until my EP in 2008, "Not Sure I Tried", that things started to take shape.

Her music has a clear "indie" vibe with reverbed guitars, soft vocals and careful string arrangments. The song (above) "The Best You'll Ever Know" makes me think of Swedish jazz-indie goddess Stina Nordenstam.

- Yes, I do like her. First song I heard of hers was He Watches Her From Behind. I was about 13 and attended a dance course where we made a choreography to that song, a moment I will never forget. But my main influences are a blessed mix of Bach, Bowie, Tom Waits, Nina Simone, Neil Young and Thåström. Not sure if it's apparent, but influenced, I certainly am. I have played alot of classical music and klezmer, and I also think that affects how I write and arrange music.

Curages Curl - A.M.E.

One would imagine that a violinist, and previous member of the Swedish Youth Symphonic Orchestra would feel out of place suddenly jumping into the world of rock'n'roll, but that is hardly the case here.

- When I was a teenager I was in an all girl band supported by a project called "Tjejrock"("Girl Rock"). We had quite a few gigs. One was at an illegal bar in Halmstad, where we played after a large karaoke session only attended by Japanese men. Suddenly the premises were raided by police and under much commotion we were smuggled out the back. We were only 16! I think I got a lot of experience already then.

Working primarily with theatre and as a musician in numerous other projects it is hard to see how Anna has had the time to record an album and make a video. And yet, as is somewhat common on the Gothenburg music scene, she manages with the kind help of many other musicians, producers and film editors who are willing to work for almost nothing to create something great.

- The future? I am so happy having just finished making a video and a new logo. In some manner I need to take everything with A.M.E. in baby steps. I am so dependent on finding time and other people to help me attain what I want. I am however really hoping to be able to release the finished album I have, but I am not signed to a label yet!

Surely it's just a matter of a very brief time before that happens.
More on A.M.E. here: Video: A.M.E. - Curages Curl

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