In wait of the new Thus:owls album Harbours

Cover of Harbours by Nathalie Daoust

Update: Whole album now streamable: HERE

Perhaps the main album release this year in Swedish quality music is Thus:Owls' second album Harbours, due out on October 6. Before we get some teaser mp3s to dwell on, I thought I'd gather some videos from this summer, where we hear two or three new songs, meet a new member and see some live performances. From what I can hear we should be expecting some more lively rhythms and perhaps a slightly different vibe from the last album. For more music sounding like Cardiac Malformations I would recommend Erika Angell's other project with Josef Kallerdahl, Josef & Erika.

Live session for Bowlegs

Interview @ homeplugged.

Short live clip from a concert in Amsterdam in May.


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