Hanne Hukkelberg - Featherbrain and new song premiere

Had a quick conversation today with Propeller Records and I am oh so happy to announce that Hanne Hukkelberg has finished recording a new album and that it is set for release on February 24th of 2012. The album will be called Featherbrain and will be her fourth full-length studio album. It was recorded in New York and is being described as a slightly more difficult album compared with her previous ones. The song Noah was premiered on the Norwegian radio show Harald Are Lund on 12th December and the Music Quack was bold enough to record this to share with you! Unfortunately this wasn't too popular with Universal records who Hanne is now signed to, so it was deleted from our profile, but luckily Hanne herself is now sharing the song. I don't want to have a lengthy debate here, but it all seems a bit silly to me, to consider streaming a promotional track to be a crime...

Noah by Hanne Hukkelberg

There's also a rad video for the song My Devils:

My Devils by Hanne Hukkelberg

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