Fucked Up

fucked up press photo

If you google ["fucked up"] and press 'images' you get quite a few pictures of a large, naked, tattooed and very pale man with his cock tucked in between his legs. But guess what? It's a band!

Click with discretion...

It's the great Way out West festival here in Göteborg right now, but I'm at home sick, well I wasn't actually going because of work obligations, but this has just made it more unbearable. So I'm sitting here checking out the bands that are playing. Tonight at 00.30 Fucked Up are playing at Brew House. First thought when seeing a band name with "fuck" in it was "oh, they must be canadian", and ha ha, yes they are (becoming prejudiced due to one other band, scary).

Ship of Fools - Fucked Up

I don't listen to "Hardcore" music much, except for that crazy Marnie Stern, but I do sometimes get dragged in by the melodious side of it, and Fucked Up is a good example of that. This band knows how to get their songs to fly, even if the vocals are often of the shouting nature, the guitars are flying over and under you in a harmonic yet distorted Beach Boys manner. I guess it's this almost ethereal feeling that I always thought was what made the Canada Scene.

A Little Death - Fucked Up

Anyways, I don't have too much more to say about them, other than that I think it's good music and you should listen to the whole album on Spotify because the best songs just aren't on soundcloud...
And watch the video for Queen of Hearts. It's one of them videos with loads of editing on the music, but it does kick in abit more after a couple of minutes. I also think it wins a Most Pretentious Video of the Year nomination, don't you think? :-D

So, if you're in the mood for seeing a large pale man with his dick squeezed between his legs you know where to go tonight.

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