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Skinnad - Franke

Franke is a five-piece Gothenburg indie-rock-punk band named after its two brothers Niklas and Fredrik Franke. They don't give much of a shit about marketing themselves beyond playing lots of live gigs, so to be frank (ha ha) I don't know much about them. They released the debut album "Optimismens Hån"[Optimism's Mockery] in 2003, then changed labels and released the follow up "Det Krävs Bara Några Sprickor För Att Skapa Ett Mönster"[It Only Takes A Couple Of Cracks To Create A Pattern] in 2009. Anyways, in our Gothenburg series they are quite essential, as being one of the main alternative bands of the 00s, the decade of Håkan Hellström hosting old peoples singalong programs on television. Fuck that shit. I have a vague memory that Franke comes from Hisingen, the bad side of Gothenburg, but I might be wrong. Perhaps it just sounds that way.

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