Cato - a one year project

Brilliant Malmö record company Adrian Recordings hosts many great artists, Edda Magnason, Bear Quartet and Familjen, to name a few. One of their most interesting releases however, is a one year long project with musician/producer Marcus Cato. After a severe hangover and anxiety-driven arguments on whether or not there was truly new music in the world the head of Adrian Recordings challenged their collaborator to make three songs a week for a whole year, from which altogether 52 songs would then be compiled and released on their website. The project was finished in 2009.

Largely instrumental and piano based, the music in the Cato year project makes me think of things like Mussorgsky, Erik Satie, even Alexandr Skrjabin, only to expand and move on to 60s movie soundtracks, and 70s german experiments. Other possible influences that come to mind are the Swedish jazz pianist Jan Johansson and some of Depeche Mode's instrumental works. Always with a hook, or many. Some of the songs have a deep haunting quality which makes a vocal-obsessed person like myself forget entirely about voices. Time and again you find that a theme is just added on top of another until one sits wondering how it can still sound so simple. Listen below for some examples.

Press the button on the nose.

This project is oddly enough not available anywhere else but the Adrian Recordings website, where, on the other hand, it's available for download free of charge.

Download first half of all the songs by clicking here.
Download other half by clicking here.

Official page for Marcus Cato with streaming.

And no, there is no other homepage for this project.

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