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Brooklyn's finest coming to Scandinavia late this autumn

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The Antlers - Parentheses by Frenchkiss Records

These days when the trendy airheads have fallen into finding inspiration from the brainless dead ends of Toto and Phil Collins it is very pleasing to find a band that keeps the flame of sad and depressed weird pop music alive. The Antlers are rather wide in their sound, but I'd describe them as Jeff Buckley with Massive Attack at an 80s college party. Originally singer Peter Silberman's solo project, The Antlers are today a three piece collaborative band with Michael Lerner on drums and Darby Cicci on keyboards. The latter's love for korg synthesizers have no doubt shaped the band's dense but airy sound, and that is probably needed. Imagine someone playing songs like "Put the dog to sleep" or "Every night my teeth are falling out" on an acoustic guitar? No, rather not. Instead the darkness of the Antlers is wrapped in a luminous soothing glow which feeds the mind with its beauty.

French Exit - The Antlers

A couple of months ago The Antlers released their second "proper" full-length album, Burst Apart. The previous one, Hospice, was centered around a theme of hospitals, death and hinted at someone close but perhaps not so dear dying of cancer. Apparently Peter needed to explain that this theme was somewhat fictionalised, probably due to the large amount of attention the band was getting. Art is a tricky business, especially when family starts asking questions. The new album doesn't seem to have a similar theme but is perhaps a little more inclined towards bad romance and all the horrors that entails.

The band just played in Oslo, but later this autumn they are coming back to Scandinavia:

26 November - Århus @Voxhall
27 November - København @Vega
28 November - Stockholm @Debaser Slussen

Full tour schedule - Click Here

For a hint at what they are like live, check out this video from pitchfork (thanks to @flokemon):

Don't miss them! Below is the "pop" single off Burst Apart.

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