Dance music?

During summertime there's always extra pressure for dance music but as everyone knows the genre is the worst for anyone with taste, or measurable intelligence. As I've been browsing soundcloud alot I've come across the most appallingly braindead and talentless shite. Perhaps it's because it's just so easy to make something that sounds like dance music with the common studio programs, or perhaps it's the drugs, who knows?

Anyways, I wanted to share BEAKR with you. He is a Chicago based DJ/remixer/producer and he manages to blend all kinds of things together into something that would fit really well into any summer party. Some italo, some old school disco, some breakdance, some funk... Point is, there's talent here, a little brilliant gem floating on top of the oil polluted sea of dubstep puke.

The Money Shot by BEAKR
BEAKR - Engine by BEAKR
Fax Machine Anthem by BEAKR
BEAKR - Embargo by BEAKR

Click here for free songs at BEAKR's bandcamp page!

Please comment with your own examples of good dance music, pretty please.

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