02 Vattenfront by Fredrik (the band)

Malmö is seriously starting to compete with Göteborg as Sweden's music capital. So no surprise when I stumble over Fredrik on bandcamp it turns out he's from there. With one part soft sweet scandie-indie, one part dark psychadelic electro (not my genre, but I'm thinking Matthew Dear?), blend in a large pot with some good old over-production and we have something that's really interesting and talented. Some songs make me think of Depeche Mode's classic 1982 album A Broken Frame, whereas others land somewhere between Fever Ray and Jens Lekman, but all with a vibe of its own that I can't quite put my finger on. Good that...

Below is the video for Chrome Cavities, a song which makes detuning software instruments into an artform.

Relevant links:
bandcamp link
soundcloud link
band website

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