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Just came back from seeing Sufjan Stevens and had a nice trip to Scandinavia's capital København. Thought I'd do a little round-up of some good new acts from there. The Danish music scene has grown heaps from it's dirty past of bad stuck-in-the-80's-rock, lousy Radiohead copy acts, and untalented electronica.

Flag White

This Copenhagen one-man-band takes echodrench electro and combines it with Mew. The result is quite wonderful.

I Drive You Turn

I Drive You Turn is a new band consisting of Igor Rado and Per Volt. Making "folk" with clear influences from euro-café music and post radiohead café indie. Make your latte before pressing play. Or wait, since it's Copenhagen I meant beer, not latte.


Copenhagen always had a brilliant jazz scene, and a great folk-music scene. So this band is not weird at all. Brilliant singer Ida Kudo also has a Lykke Li type pop project going on, looking forward to seeing where that leads: (warning: myspacelink)
Btw, the song Solarkvedja is in icelandic, don't ask me why.

If you are new to Danish music, here are some videos of more established bands.


And my personal favourite of yore: Laban!

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