Nils Frahm & Anne Müller

Nils Frahm is a young german pianist who has made a name for himself in the genre neo-classical music. In this collaboration with cellist Anne Müller he takes a bold leap into the smaller genre: "classotronica" (yes, I just made that up). Perhaps he felt that his piano music was a near case of reinventing film-scores, perhaps he just needed the right moment to show off his brilliant laptop-music skills. Who cares? This is the most beautiful instrumental music I have heard in a long time and if I dare say a true find in the otherwise sucky landscape which is contemporary german music (please correct me with tips if I'm wrong!). Anne Müller is of course also to blame for this success, listen to the opening piece on the album 7fingers:

But on to the laptop music, a genre truly drenched in braindead toss, here we hear a truly outstanding combination of the detatched, introvert kraftwerk rhythm (think futuristic train journey) with live elements creating something which stimulates the mind, evokes images and emotions.

Nils Frahm & Anne Müller – 7fingers by erasedtapes

Hopefully we will see more of this kind of collaborations in the future.

Nils' Facebook page
Spotify Link
(I tried finding some relevant link for Anne Müller but failed...)

3 kommentarer:

Florian sa...

Haha, I found your blog through Google when looking for Nils Frahm :D

Say, do you have any idea what film is being sampled in Because This Must Be / Augmentation ?

Magnus sa...

No, but it sounds like Spanish to me, and like she is in a phone boot. :-)

Anonym sa...

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