Little Dragon

Sounds of Gothenburg

Little Dragon are from my town Göteborg, Sweden, but I don't know them, in fact I had never heard of them until just recently, the type of annoying phenomena that has made me start this blog in the first place. Little Dragon was formed by singer Yukimi Nagano together with drummer Erik Bodin, Fredrik Wallin and Håkan Wirenstrand. Their main genre is electro, but that name is really to vague to describe them, perhaps experimental soul could work too. Listen to this Cabaret Voltaire goes graffiti all over Erykah Badu's ass:

My Step - Little Dragon

And to top it off, they are possibly the only band in existence who have mastered the autotune! Listen to this fragile indie ballad, complete with shadow puppet video and all:

This video has 1,8 million views, and yet Little Dragon are virtually unheard of in their home country. The problem with Swedish media is that there seems to only be room for one "serious" music act at the time. At the moment it's Lykke Li, so perhaps in the autumn some other lucky artist could get some airplay, tv coverage etc. Anyways, hopefully if we start more music blogs we could change this sad collapse of good music media. Sprid detta, till alla, hela tiden!!

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