This band from Sweden is likely to make it big in the near future, after being the opening act for Tallest Man On Earth's european tour later this year. So, why not become a fan NOW, HIPSTER! They do some kind of Café Folk with drunken soul/jazz/cabaret style vocals. It's the kind of american culture which can only be produced in Dalarna, Sweden, cause that's probably the only place where it's still alive.

However, with Francis' latest song (posted below) we see them moving slightly more towards orchestra-indiepop, and I'm not going to argue. Not when you have a singer like Petra Mases.

I Was Never Bored At All by francis

You can get a free mp3 of this song if you send the band an email at their site: francisishere.com
Listen to their 2009 EP at Spotify.
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