Edda Magnason

Beatle by Adrian Recordings

Perhaps the world doesn't need another female artist inspired by Kate Bush and Tori Amos, at least that's the critique Edda Magnason has had to suffer. And yet, that's typically the kind of "I am up my own arsehole" music critic thinking the world really needs less of.

The new album Goods(click to listen on Spotify) out today, sees her balancing between funky art pop and lengthy excursions into the fairy-tale land which naturally springs to mind when one comebines a lo-fi piano with bells, accordion, glockenspiel and strings. So, what makes her stand out? Why it's the brilliant free flowing song-writing, the outstanding production with instruments blending into one another like magic and the wide range vocals, going from jazz to smurf without any kind of implicit oddness.

I wanted to post the video for Handsome, but it seems it's not finished yet. But here's the song at least:
Handsome (Singel Edit) by Adrian Recordings
(Both songs are downloadable free. Just click the black arrow on your right-hand side!)

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