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Climbing the Fjelds of Norway - Thus:Owls

It really isn't a swedish music blog without swedish music, and with Thus:owls we go straight to the crème de la crème. Erika Angell runs this Stockholm band and she goes to places where most musicians wouldn't dare to tread. One would easily think when listening to the dense arrangements and brilliantly timed progressions that her husband, Montréalian Simon Angell, the guitarist of Thus:owls, has taken alot of inspiration with him from Canada. But it could very well be Erika's own sonic vision that drives the band. This is just the kind of music which doesn't "just happen", it takes skills. Listen to the vocals and you can easily hear that Erika could jolt out pretty much anything, but she chooses a style and sticks with it. It's that kind of stylish, light minimalism that makes Thus:owls world class, because it balances the muchness of their music and gives it true soul.

Thus:owls will be releasing a new album in October called Harbours, but in the meantime you can get to know their 2009 masterpiece Cardiac Malformations.

THUS : OWLS - Eagles Coming In

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