Liam Finn - New single

From the cloudy and sunny country of New Zealand/Aotearoa comes Liam Finn. After making a local name for himself in rockband Betchadupa he had a major breaktrough with the solo album "I'll Be Lightning" (2008). The album features plenty of 60s nostalgia, Abbey Road style arrangements and a good portion of the fresh cross-genre experimentation that I, in lack of a better word, would like to call "sunny". But there's also a kind of energetic anxiety in his music adding abit of darker colours to the otherwise rather poppy yet brilliant melodic landscape. Check out the arty video for "Better To Be" from the debut:

Now, Liam has a new album coming out and the first single from this, The Struggle, was just released. Playing around with synths and more shouty vocals does him good and promises that pretty much anything can happen in the future.

Liam Finn - "The Struggle" by Yep Roc Music Group
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