Hanne Hukkelberg

Hanne Hukkelberg has a background in jazz, which certainly can be both heard and felt, and what first strikes you is that she's an exploring, visionary composer. Her songs are written on piano and later produced in a most meticulous and ardeous way, so much so that she often ends up playing on furniture and kitchen utensils. Pretentious? Well it could have been that, but listening to her songs make you think that the end result was already in her mind when she was sitting by the piano. Listen to "Salt of the Earth" and you might understand what I mean.

Her three albums, Little Things (2004), Rykestraße 68 (2006) and Blood from a Stone (2009) are filled with gems and another album is on its way, probably out this autumn. It is rather safe to say she will continue to put Norway on the musical map, and who knows, maybe she'll even tour Sweden?

Blood From A Stone by Propeller Recordings

Hanne's website
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Spotify link (misses Blood from a Stone for inexplicable reasons)

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