Hanne Hukkelberg

Hanne Hukkelberg has a background in jazz, which certainly can be both heard and felt, and what first strikes you is that she's an exploring, visionary composer. Her songs are written on piano and later produced in a most meticulous and ardeous way, so much so that she often ends up playing on furniture and kitchen utensils. Pretentious? Well it could have been that, but listening to her songs make you think that the end result was already in her mind when she was sitting by the piano. Listen to "Salt of the Earth" and you might understand what I mean.

Her three albums, Little Things (2004), Rykestraße 68 (2006) and Blood from a Stone (2009) are filled with gems and another album is on its way, probably out this autumn. It is rather safe to say she will continue to put Norway on the musical map, and who knows, maybe she'll even tour Sweden?

Blood From A Stone by Propeller Recordings

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Noah and The Whale: When inspiration turns into theft.

Song theft used to be one of the biggest stigmatas for song writers. Being caught with someone else's music under your pen was like publicly admitting you had no connection with that divine muse of inspiration, you were quite simply a fraud. Ever since the 90s however, we've seen an increase in "blatant inspirations", different attempts at showing the world that your muse is in fact this other artist. But when you try to hint through your music that you love another artist, like lady gaga has done with her latest single, it's easy to slide over into "outright theft".

Now, I utterly and madly love Noah and The Whale. Charlie Fink is a great song writer and singer. Their 2009 album First Days of Spring [Spotify Link] was a masterpiece, taking breakup albums to an entirely new level. But sure, it did have some blatant inspirations, strong hints of Sigur Rós, Low and in this one; Joy Division:

Blue Skies - Noah and the Whale

None of it was theft, in fact one could argue that they were very good exempels of how one should do when showing off inspiration without killing your inner muse.

So, then this happens:

L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. from charlie fink on Vimeo.

First, we have the theft from "Lola" by the Kinks. You go: "well it's not that long, just most of the verse, then it goes in a different direction so maybe that's ok..." Unfortunately it goes in this direction:

This is probably the most blatant song theft I've heard in recent times. Or would you argue it's a hommage to Tom Petty and/or The Kinks? Where do we draw the line between what's cool and what's shameful? I'd say somewhere between the two Noah and The Whale songs "Blue Skies" and "L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N". In conclusion I guess I should thank Charlie Fink and his merry band for this ruler. And then hit him over the knuckles with it. Shame on you. S.H.A.M.E.O.N.Y.O.U


Sufjan Stevens tour of Scandinavia

Woke up with a jolt today and remembered to do another google on the sufjan tour, and voilà, it's here. Well, not in Gothenburg where I am, sadly, but elsewhere!
Missa inte det här för allt i världen!

29 April - Bergen
30 April - Oslo [SOLD OUT!]
1 Maj - København[ONLY FEW TICKETS LEFT!]
3 Maj - Stockholm

Too Much - Sufjan Stevens

If you are new to Sufjan, try out this Spotify link.



Photo: Sara Arnald
Climbing the Fjelds of Norway - Thus:Owls

It really isn't a swedish music blog without swedish music, and with Thus:owls we go straight to the crème de la crème. Erika Angell runs this Stockholm band and she goes to places where most musicians wouldn't dare to tread. One would easily think when listening to the dense arrangements and brilliantly timed progressions that her husband, Montréalian Simon Angell, the guitarist of Thus:owls, has taken alot of inspiration with him from Canada. But it could very well be Erika's own sonic vision that drives the band. This is just the kind of music which doesn't "just happen", it takes skills. Listen to the vocals and you can easily hear that Erika could jolt out pretty much anything, but she chooses a style and sticks with it. It's that kind of stylish, light minimalism that makes Thus:owls world class, because it balances the muchness of their music and gives it true soul.

Thus:owls will be releasing a new album in October called Harbours, but in the meantime you can get to know their 2009 masterpiece Cardiac Malformations.

THUS : OWLS - Eagles Coming In

More at The Music Quack: In wait of the new Thus:owls album Harbours

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Sara Kermanshahi, known as Natureboy, has a rare and personal voice capable of capturing the bottled up emotions that often stay far below the surface of your regular singer/songwriter. With careful and balanced arrangements she creates a feeling of intimacy and intelligence of the heart. This is the kind of gold you can't afford to miss when drowning in the floods of pretentious hipster sand.

01 Curses Fired by natureboysongs

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